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Safari World Atlas Photo Storage Box


Take a safari back in time with this World Atlas photo storage box, with space aplenty for many memories. It’s a fun, classic way to map your story.

  • 10 Divider Cards
  • Metal Label Holder
  • Box Size: 11⅛" x 7¾" x 4½"

In stock

SKU : 44563

  1. Sarah

    This is a review for the same item, but a different style.

    I got the one with black and white stripes and a rose practically ten years ago at a boutique in SF’s West Portal. I love this box. It is perfect for storing any memorabilia, cards, and photos! I also like to put delicate items in here from time to time (if I’m moving for example) because it is so sturdy that I’m unafraid that it will be crushed.

    All these years I’ve been trying to find similar ones with the same quality and beautiful design, but to no avail. After ten years, it occurred to me to look at the bottom of the box to see if there was a brand name, and here I am.

    I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for more designs as I’m sold for life.

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