The Many Tails of the Punch Studio Peacock

If you have followed the Punch collections over the years, you know we are absolutely head over heels tails for peacocks.
Mother nature was clearly thinking big with this beauty, inspiring artists, philosophers, and designers for millennia. The peacock may even be the most famous and influential bird of human history, with influence on everything from Greek mythology to 20th-century haute couture.
“The peacock has always been a Punch specialty,” says our art director. “It’s a perfect ambassador for the affordable luxe that epitomizes Punch and something our customers love. Rarely a year goes by that we don’t include a peacock-inspired collection.”
At Punch Studio, a large number of our art pieces are hand-painted, drawn, inked or otherwise executed the old-fashioned way: on an actual desktop, not a digital one.

“The Peacock collections are always so interesting to work on,” says one Punch illustrator. “They are a challenge because peacocks can have such different looks to them. They can be flirty, fun and whimsical, or stately and elegant. But whatever look I wish to achieve, and no matter what elements I work into the composition, I want the response to that peacock to be delight. And maybe a little surprise. That’s all. That’s enough.”

Pagoda Peacock

In the words of the painter, “this collection was created with alcohol inks, which was a departure from the traditional watercolors in which I usually work. I was captivated by the effects that emerged, helping to fashion a whimsical, lighthearted version of these beautiful birds. Their tails are cheerful, excited jumbles of deep, transparent color and delicate tints. With sweeping shapes and dancing leaves, it is easy to believe that a charming story is about to unfold.”

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