Putting the “Rex” in Molly & Rex: Introducing Rex’s Dry Goods

August 15, 2018

Punch Studio launches exciting new collections for Fall

Culver City, California—Punch Studio’s millennial-focused brand, Molly & Rex, is breaking new ground by offering the brand’s first products geared directly toward male consumers. The name for this new collection? Rex’s Dry Goods.

Maintaining the fun and often irreverent style of Molly & Rex, Rex’s Dry Goods is a source for classic merchandise, quality grooming solutions, and other gifts for the modern gentleman. In addition to brand staples like journals, pens, and mugs, new items include canvas flasks, shaving kit canvas bags, and other grooming products.

“While Molly & Rex has already earned plenty of male fans, Rex’s Dry Goods allows us to embrace this demographic with more intention and purpose,” says President Todd Kirshner. “We’re very excited to expand the brand and respond to changing consumer tastes at every turn.”

Rex’s Dry Goods is a part of Punch Studio’s many new Fall catalog offerings. From paisley jewel tones paired with metallic accents to glammy gifts, patches and more, look for Punch Studio, Molly & Rex, and Lady Jayne in your favorite retail stores.




About Punch Studio


Headquartered  in Culver City, California, Punch Studio is a stationery, gift, and home décor company founded in 2001. Today, we employ over 50 in-house artists working together  for the Punch Studio, Lady Jayne, and Molly & Rex brands. Punch Studio blends past and present, marrying vintage ephemera with hand-painted watercolors and other refined designs. Lady Jayne is made for modern-day fashionistas and glam gals who appreciate life with a little more sparkle and polish. Molly & Rex speaks to a rising generation of stationery and home décor lovers with offbeat styles for unconventional tastes. Our highly skilled creative team develops several thousand unique products each year for all three brands, ensuring originality in all things.